All About Relationship

As a clinician, I use what’s called an “attachment-based psychodynamic” approach, which is a long-term approach with an emphasis on building a unique and authentic therapeutic relationship. It is “insight-oriented,” meaning that we work together to gain insight into what is causing the distress and how we can work together to resolve it. Your struggle did not come about on its own, and I do not expect you to get through a problem or heal while you are alone either.

The majority of new therapists tend to be trained in symptom-management approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and often have had only 2 years of supervised experience. This does not sit well with me, as I think that people are hungry for more healing than just to be managing life-long symptoms. Additionally, mere symptom management is easily obtained by seeking out a few Google searches and talking with a friend. In my practice, we will be working together to address your concerns at the root of the problem.

One way to think of therapy is a process of writing or understanding your story. A good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you first come in, I think of it as being in the middle of your story – the part that has the most unresolved conflict and tension. While you share your current experience, background and important memories – or lack thereof – I use my training that had a strong emphasis in developmental history and personality development to help you understand the beginning of your story in a respectful and meaningful way. During this process of understanding you, I put a strong focus on building a unique, authentic, therapeutic relationship, which acts as a catalyst for healing and change. This is how we work together to create the resolution to the difficult parts of the story that you came into therapy together. In essence, I am working myself out of a job! You will know when you are done, and then you will decide to end our therapeutic relationship in a process that is called “termination.” I usually feel a great mixture of sadness and pride at termination – sad to lose a meaningful relationship, yet proud to see wholeness restored in a now former-client who leaves with completion in his or her story.

I have never seen two people who are just alike, and I have never had the same therapeutic relationship twice. The way I work may not be the fastest, but I deeply believe that this method is the most life-changing and effective.

How I Practice

I offer a free,15-minute phone consultation, so that you can decide if you feel comfortable with me, and I can answer any questions you may have prior to getting started with therapy. Once we meet for our first session, we can plan for the next steps (which often include weekly sessions). I use a psychodynamic, relationship-based approach, and I can tailor my approach to the needs of each individual, couple, or family. I am also happy to incorporate the Christian faith into treatment if a client desires me to do so.

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