Therapist Carrollton

I’m sure everyone is aware that life can be more than challenging at times. Work stress, family dynamics, depression, anxiety — it’s when these and many other issues become too hard to handle on your own that working with a therapist can have immense benefits. At times, all you may need is to have a simple conversation just to gain some clarity about a situation; other times, you may need the help of a professional who can offer insight into how our minds work or someone who can offer methods of finding peace. At StarBrook, my hope is that we can work together to find the root of the problem, whatever it may be.

Therapist Carrollton


Working with a therapist can be difficult, knowing that you are there to talk to a stranger about your emotions, what scares you, or the challenges of your past. Having been through the process myself, I can tell you that there are benefits and you will see improvements as sessions continue. I use a ‘psychodynamic approach’ that involves a long-term path that works to find the root of the problem. Therapy does take time for improvements to be made, but I want to establish and maintain a relationship that you can put your trust in and feel comfortable with. I encourage those who struggle with relationship issues, loss, sexual issues, addiction, trauma, a history of abuse, or anything else that is keeping you from leading a life of quality to look for a therapist you feel safe talking to.

Therapist CarrolltonCouples

There are several different aspects of relationship counseling, including each individual separately, and the relationship itself. If you are struggling in your marriage, in a committed relationship and want to find healing, or another type of relationship, therapy can work to discover why your specific issue has occurred and explore ways of finding a resolution. Our sessions will begin by meeting with both of you together to learn the overall issue and then I will work with each person individually in order to learn more about each person and to help gain trust. Whatever struggle you are trying to work through, I am confident that over time, we will find the cause and learn how you can progress as a couple.

Faith Based

I want you to know that I have the greatest respect for your beliefs and I want to incorporate those beliefs into our sessions as much as you feel comfortable with. I have studied both psychology and theology and am an active believer in Jesus and know that He has the power to heal. As a therapist, I also believe that therapy is an opportunity to talk to someone who may have insight into what you are struggling with. Depression, anxiety, or addiction can afflict Christians and non-Christians alike, and with trust and open communication, we can find a resolution based on Biblical values.

I want this blog to be a resource. If you have questions or want to know more about my methods, I hope that you can find answers here. I understand that working with a therapist can be hard, but for real, positive results, it’s important to start that process. Give me a call today for a free consultation.