Therapy – Where Do I Start?

There are any number of things that can get you down and make it a challenge to get through the day, and there are numerous things that make relationships in our lives difficult. You might think that it means you are strong and brave to fight through it on your own, but there is no shame in asking for help and wanting to talk about life and relationship struggles with someone else. The purpose of this therapy center is to create an environment where you feel safe to have an open conversation with me about the struggles and challenges in your life. I understand that it’s a big step to engage in this type of relationship where you may be unsure of the benefits or of the process; but getting started, while it can be scary, is the beginning of finding the root of the problem.

Find a Therapist Who is Right For You

Each person’s needs and personalities are unique, so finding a therapist who is suited to you and allows you to feel comfortable is the first step. I have worked with a range of people, from individuals to couples, from teenagers to homeless and a foster care mental health clinic. My number one priority is to give my clients a space where they can build trust and work toward gaining a therapeutic relationship with the hope of finding comfort and ease.

There are many reasons why people want to seek help from a therapist, but there also doesn’t need to be a reason at all. You might simply want to have a place in which you can vent your frustrations and have a relationship you can pour your heart out to without fear of rejection or judgment. If you feel overwhelmed with stress, sadness, or emotional heaviness, if relationships are suffering, or if a relationship is a cause for the feelings of stress, know that you don’t have to go through it alone. Know that whatever your situation, we can work together to find the cause of the problem and explore the path to finding a resolution.

Getting the Most From Therapy

When beginning a relationship with a therapist, it can start out slowly or it can feel natural enough where we just dive right in. However our sessions turn out, keep in mind that I take a long-term approach to therapy so that we can fully delve into your situation and find the details of what is causing you stress or emotional struggles. Over time, we will determine what goals you have and work to define a course of action that is right for you. Working with a therapist isn’t always easy and it takes a lot of patience and open communication to reach a point where you feel it is no longer needed.

If you are considering starting a relationship with a therapist in Carrollton and are wondering where to start, you are already there. Trying to find a therapist who is right for you and your situation is the first step and making a decision to call can be the next. Know that my focus is to offer help and support and I hope to make a positive difference in your life and relationships. Start the process with a free consultation to get to know me and we will decide together what comes next.

What is Relationship Counseling?

We all go through our lives meeting people, creating and building relationships, and some of these people can come and go from our lives without a significant impact. On the other hand, it feels like some relationships have a definite purpose and meaning for our lives. A few of these relationships can grow with love and care for each other and there aren’t any major issues. However, the relationship dynamic for many of these relationships can be full of tension, disagreements, and stress, which can cause a fracture between the individuals. This is when working with a therapist can open up a path to healing the delicate nature of the bond.

It’s important to realize that if there are issues and struggles in your relationship, it doesn’t have to mean that the relationship needs to end. When couples engage in relationship counseling with a therapist, it is to find the cause of the problem and find a path toward healing and working to build a solid relationship that can remain strong throughout difficult situations. There are several different of types of relationships that seek help from therapy in order to regain trust and balance, including unmarried couples, couples who have been married for years, parent and child relationships, and each relationship has its own personality and unique needs. Together, we will determine what the root of the problem is, we will discuss your goals for the sessions, and find a way to move forward.

Reasons to Seek Relationship Counseling With a Therapist

Infidelity: An incredibly difficult hurdle, infidelity can not only cause anger to form in the relationship, but distrust and a deep hurt. Although not insurmountable, infidelity takes a lot of work and time in order to begin regaining that trust, if it is ultimately what the couple wants.

Trust Issues: For whatever reason, if an individual can’t trust their partner, it is hard for the relationship to continue to grow and build in strength. Working with a therapist the focus can be put on finding what caused the breach of trust and a way for both individuals to feel safe in the relationship again.

Communication Issues: A base for any healthy relationship, when communication is lacking, it can cause a number of problems, both large and small. Know that I want to help couples heal, no matter what type of communication problem they are facing.

The end of a relationship: When an important person in your life is no longer there, it can be a challenge to begin building a new life without their presence. I want to help you with this new life in the face of anger, sadness, and grief.

What Relationship Counseling Strives For

If you decide to begin therapy sessions, I will work with individuals separately as well as together. By getting to know the relationship as a whole, as well as its parts, the understanding that is gained, can help us work together to improve communication so that, over time, progress will be made. Whatever struggle you are facing, working with a therapist, with patience, and hard work, trust and communication can be rebuilt so that the relationship can heal and continue growing.

Why Couples Counseling is Important

Whether you’ve been in a marriage or a committed relationship for two years or thirty years, there will be good days and not so good days, and there may be times when you don’t want to continue, but the important thing is that you want to try. Simply by being on this page means that you are in the process of looking for a therapist and want to make a change in how your relationship is functioning. I am glad that you are interested in looking for ways to make a positive impact on your relationship.

You don’t need a list of reasons why other couples seek out advice or guidance from a relationship therapist, you may just want to know that there is some benefit or some peace of mind that can be gained from our sessions. We won’t know the true value of the sessions until we get started; however, I can assure you that over time and with some hard work, progress can be made. So whatever your situation is, whatever specific struggle that you want to work through, together, we can create clear goals and work to find a method of achieving those goals.

Finding Where to Start May be the Hardest Part

When you recognize that your relationship is struggling, for whatever reason, the hardest part may be not knowing how or where to start. For many couples, communication isn’t as smooth as it once was, which makes this all the more difficult. Working with a therapist who is skilled and knowledgeable will give you the tools you and your partner need to find that starting point. I will work with both of you together, as well as individually, to learn where both of you are coming from, what is challenging you most about the relationship, and how you want to see the relationship grow. When there is a clear path laid out before you, starting the process will be easier and you will see that positive outcomes are possible.

Mediate Emotions

Working with a relationship therapist can and will be an emotional journey. However you felt at the beginning of the relationship, those emotions may have waned or you may be feeling that they are lost. Throughout the life of your relationship, there may have been fighting that brought on new emotions. I can help to find that emotional connection you felt at the beginning and work through the negative emotions to find a balance that will have positive impacts going into the future.

Understanding Needs

It can often be difficult to clearly convey one’s needs without offending the other, and without having them feel like their actions aren’t adequate. Many relationship problems arise from feelings of wanting more or feeling that one’s efforts aren’t appreciated. With open communication between everyone, I want to help you and your partner understand each other’s needs and desires. We can become so focused on ourselves that we will forget about the feelings, wants, and needs of our partner.

It is important to be mindful that working with a therapist does take time, effort, and a willingness from both partners to learn and grow. Together, we can work to find the root of the problem and begin a journey of healing.

When Therapy Gets Hard

First and foremost, working with a therapist is hard, it takes time, and finding resolutions to problems is rarely, if ever, easy. It means opening up to someone you have only known for a short period of time, letting go of any inhibitions, and putting your trust in a sometimes scary and emotional process. It can be intimidating and you may be unsure that you will find a resolution. I believe in being upfront and honest with my patients and setting clear expectations, but I also don’t want to scare you away from it either.

Having been through the process myself, I understand how difficult it can be coming in for the first time, waiting for a session to start, and sitting on the couch in front of someone who will learn more about you than possibly anyone else. The decision to put in the effort and time will always be yours, but I will always be there to help guide you along your journey and try to understand your feelings and struggles.

It’s Not Always Easy Talking About Ourselves

Starting the process of working with a therapist is hard, but as time goes on, it will become easier for us to work together and for you to open up. if you ever feel uncomfortable or uneasy at any point during our sessions, you can feel free to let me know. It’s important that we establish and maintain a trusting relationship so that I can learn those important details about your life that make you who you are. Talking about ourselves takes practice, but there are benefits of opening up that you may not yet be aware of.

Change is Difficult

If you have been struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other issue for a long time, you may have been living in a certain way. We adjust our lives so that our daily activities don’t make the anxiety or depression worse. A part of working with a therapist means changing a part of who we are, and that often has an impact on daily life. Making adjustments to these changes can be a challenge, but the benefits you see and feel will be well worth the time and struggle.

Progress With a Therapist Takes Time

There are so many different and beautiful aspects of everyone’s lives and personalities. I believe in finding the root of the problem, which can often mean diving into past struggles and relationships and potentially finding a point at which your struggles arose. As our sessions continue, I will learn more and more about you and we can create a path that will lead to a resolution.

Knowing that therapy takes time will help you see and understand the process as a whole. You will understand that there may be peaks where we are visibly making progress, and valleys where the challenges are even harder than before. Through both of these experiences, we will learn what works, what doesn’t, and how we can make changes in the future.

Because every patient is different, it’s impossible to compare your sessions with other patients. However, my experience and knowledge as a therapist tells me that progress can and will be made. I can assure you that I will always be there to help you through the difficult, painful, and emotional times, and will also celebrate the successes, the gains, and achievements.