StarBrook Therapy Center welcomes different types of couples in the practice, such as married couples who are on the brink of divorce or in similar deep distress, and also couples who are unmarried and are looking to deepen and/or heal their relationship for another reason.

When I see a couple, the relationship itself is the “client” that I see. To this end, it is important that both members of the couple are willing participants in the therapy.

My attachment-based therapy approach is particularly helpful for couples because much of the destructive patterns in relationships begin in our most important relationships in childhood. So often, we take patterns from our childhood relationships and bring them into our adult attachment relationships. This is almost always relevant even when the presenting concern is a recent breach of trust.

During our work together, I will start by seeing both people together. Usually, I will then ask to see each person individually for one or more sessions both to gain a greater understanding of the person and also to build the alliance necessary for meaningful work based on trust.

Due to the complexity of couples, I prefer to schedule 90-minute sessions when seeing both together. However, I am willing to keep the standard hour length if that is better for the couple for logistical reasons.

Accepting new clients? Yes. Sessions are scheduled by appointment for either individuals and relationship counseling during business hours, with some additional availability on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

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