My office is handicap accessible, and I enjoy working with people of diverse backgrounds who are struggling with a variety of concerns. Life can be difficult for so many different reasons, and I feel honored when I am invited to understand those struggles and concerns, then participate in a journey to overcome them.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or another type of mood disorder, a change in a key relationship such as a break-up or other loss, problems with parent or child relationships, sexual matters, a porn addiction, trauma or abuse history, or something else, I am passionate about helping clients feel heard, safe, and understood, and walking with them on their path to healing.

The majority of therapists tend to be trained in symptom-management approaches, and often have had only 2 years of supervised experience.  In my practice, I use what’s called a ‘psychodynamic approach’ to therapy, which is a long-term approach to addressing and working through your concerns at the root of the problem. I have never been satisfied with approaches that make you try to think you’re way better or that try to help you accept your symptoms for the long-term.  Rather, I put a strong focus on building a unique, authentic, therapeutic relationship, which acts as a catalyst for healing and change. I have never seen two people who are just alike, and I have never had the same therapeutic relationship twice.  The way I work may not be the fastest, but I deeply believe that this method is the most life-changing and effective.

I purposefully maintain a small caseload to be able to focus on quality services for clients.  I offer therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and older teens. The client-therapist relationship is sacred, and therapy is most effective when the client is committed and feels safe. To this end, I encourage you to use your free 15-minute consultation session to see if you feel comfortable with me before making a commitment to therapy. I will be happy to meet with you!

Accepting new clients? Yes. Sessions are scheduled by appointment for either individuals and relationship counseling during business hours, with some additional availability on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

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